Segev Tal Metals & Conveyors Ltd

Segev Tal's production formation specializes in manufacturing of transportation including conveying systems, stainless conveyor belts and industrial conveyors.

Industrial conveyors – Engineering design of the conveyor belt and its manufacturing following a requirement specification as well as installation and adjustment of the conveyor on-site.

Production of mesh conveyors for product packaging – construction of the conveyor belt in accordance with the customer's specification.
Production of mesh conveyors for any purpose.

Production of mesh conveyor belts in any size – adjustment of the product to the customer individual needs, considering various limitation and constraint.

Production of integrated conveyor systems – Design and building a production system using varying conveyor belts according to product status at any given stage.

Repair and overhaul – stainless conveyor systems for every use and industry type.

About us

Segev Tal Metals Ltd

Segev Tal Metals Ltd. provides its expertise and professional mastery in metals, stainless product design and building, as well as household and construction works for residences, yards and industry.
We specialize in development of compound solutions, design and drawing, custom made metal works, conveyor belts for every purpose, production of constructions, design and building of industrial machines, provision of solutions for complex challenges, flexibility in provision of solutions, reliability and professionalism, impeccable service and swift turnaround times, installation and customer service.
Segev Tal Metals Ltd. has ample proven experience and customers from every sector in the Israeli market.
Segev Tal Metals Ltd. is well established in sectors such as food and beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals as well as military industries.
Our company is a principal supplier in some of those industries, secondary supplier for some of the machines sold as part of an OEM designated machine and a certified supplier in varied industries.

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